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Gourmet Christmas Case "Delicious 2"

At Eurolotes we have the perfect case for this Christmas, the DG-2 is an elegant case with very good quality products, it is composed of a bottle of Cava Parxet Cuvée 21 from Organic Agriculture, a bottle of Red Wine DO Rioja Gran Albina Reserva, a jar of Duck Mousse with Boletus Zubia, a Cured Sheep Cheese Wedge Cerrat and a piece of Dehesa del Yeltes Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo. To give it a touch of sweet we have included two exquisite nougat; Milk Chocolate nougat and nougat from Jijona Artisan Collecton Pablo Garrigós.

Price €42.95

Gourmet Gift Box "Delibox 5"

A luxurious and fantastic Gourmet set, the Delibox 5 is the ideal gift for friends, family, companies or clients. This elegant batch is made up of a bottle of Red Wine DO Ribera del Duero Finca Resalso by Emilio Moro, a bottle of Cava Juve Camps Cinta Purpura, a bottle of Red Wine DO Rioja Viña Albina Gran Reserva, a Wedge Mixed cheese Montenuevo a Bloc of Foie Gras de Canard Le Pont du Canard, a piece of Iberian Iberian Steak.

Price €67.95

Gourmet Christmas Case "Delibox 4"

If what you want is to have a detail and impress whoever receives it, this is your case! The Delibox 4 lot is a case created with top quality products, it is made up of a bottle of White Wine DO Penedés Flor d'Espiells Juvé & Camps 100% Ecological Chardonnay, a bottle of Wine DO Rioja Martinez Lacuerta Reserve a Wedge Old Cheese from raw Boffard sheep's milk, two Sliced Guillen Iberian Cebo Shoulder and a Canard Canard French Foie Gras Bloc.

Price €57.95

Gourmet Christmas Box "Delicious 4"

The DG-4 case is a wonderful batch composed of a variety of unbeatable and quality products, the case consists of a Rioja Wine Bottle Martinez Lacuesta Reserve, a Wine Bottle DO Pla de Bages Abadal Franc, two bottles of BDGust Lager Craft Beer - social product, a French Canard Domanine D'agustin Foie Gras Bloc 100 g, a sliced Iberian Shoulder of Cebo Manuel Guillen 100 g and a Case of 2 Wedges of Old Sheep Cheese with Pedro Ximénez and Artisan Cheese Reserva Carmen.

Price €74.95

Gourmet Christmas Box "Delicious 5"

Do not look any further! This elegant case is perfect as a gift to friends, family, employees or clients. The DG-5 case contains a wide variety of high quality products such as a bottle of Rioja Marqués de Murrieta Wine Reserve a bottle of English Gin The Botanical Gin of the year Best Value n snacks with lime and pepper flavors Torres ideal for aperitif a jar of caramelised pipes Coloma García a case catanias Milk Chocolate Bio Ducié a tablet of dark chocolate Flor de Sal Cacao Sampaka 100 g an Organic cheese made from raw Sheep milk ...

Price €89.95

Gourmet Christmas Case "Delicious 3"

We have a complete case with ideal selection products for this Christmas. The DG-3 is made up of two bottles of Monte Real Gran Reserva DO Rioja red wine, a piece of Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo Dehesa del Yeltes, a piece of Iberian Cebo Cebo Reserves Privada de Belalcazar 300 grs. a piece of Dehesa del Yeltes acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón, a jar of White Tuna in Ortiz olive oil, a block of Foie Gras from Canard Le Pont de Canard, and a wedge of Old Cheese made from raw Boffard sheep's milk.

Price €59.95

Gourmet Christmas Box "Delicious 6"

If what you are looking for is an ideal gift to make this Christmas, look no further! The DG-6 case is perfect, it has a high quality in each and every one of the products, it is composed of a bottle of Red Wine Habla del Silencio (Chosen best red in Spain 2014-2015-2016-2017 by the Spanish Association of Wine Journalists and Writers (AEPEV), a bottle of Red Wine DO Ribera del Duero Finca Resalso by Emilio Moro, a bottle of Cava Mim Natura Pinot Noir Brut ...

Price €124.95

Gourmet Christmas Box "Delicious 7"

From Eurolotes we show you a fairly complete case, the DG-7 is a case with a variety of products that always moves, it is made up of a bottle of Cava Juve & Camps Purple Ribbon Brut Reserva two bottle of Rioja red wine Marqués de Murrieta Reserve one bottle of Vermouth Dos Deus Estrelles 75 cl. two bars of Jijona nougat and Chocoalte with milk and almond Gourmet Selection Coloma Garcia Rilsan ..

Price €154.95

Lote de Navidad Núm 2

For those who love sausages we have the Sausage 2 batch, it consists of a slice of Guillen Iberian Cebo Shoulder, a piece of Iberian Cebo Bait Loin Private Reservations from Belalcázar, an Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo Dehesa del Yeltes, a loganiza from Payés Somel. an Iberian Sobrasada Manuel Guillen. a case with two wedges of old sheep cheese with Pedro Ximénez and artisan cheese Reserva Carmen, a Cocktail picos de pan with Andrés extra virgin olive oil and Verdial olives with bone seasoned La Masrojana, it also includes two bottles of Rioja red Lan wine Reservation.

Price €51.42

Gourmet Christmas Tray "Capricho 1"

The Capricho 1 Christmas basket is created to surprise, it is prepared with an original basket decorated with Christmas bows. This basket contains many quality products, including a Sliced case Iberian Cebo Shoulder, a jar of pate de Canard with a bottle of Rioja Denomination of Origin wine and a bottle of Cava Codorniu. Apart from these products it contains typical Christmas products

If you want to surprise this is your basket! It is the perfect gift to make this Christmas both to family, friends or companies.
You will be right for sure!

Price €55.25

Christmas Lot with Sausages No. 3

We have a perfect and original gift for anyone who loves sausage. Sausage batch 3 has a wide variety of high quality products. The lot consists of two bottles of Red Wine DO Rioja Gran Albina Reserva, a slice of Ayna Iberian cebo loin, Ayna acorn-fed Iberian chorizo sliced, a Ayna Iberian bait shoulder, sliced Ayna acorn-fed Iberian sausage, a piece of Manuel Guillen Iberian Sobrasada, a case with two Old Sheep Cheese Wedges ...

Price €60.95

Gourmet Christmas Tray "Capricho 2"

The Capricho 2 Christmas Tray is composed of the best quality products, contains Salchichón, Acorn-fed Chorizo accompanied by a cheese, bottles of white and red wine, with Espinaler vermouth, and much more to make the perfect aperitif all the products of first quality. The tray is presented in an ideal esparto basket to decorate the home and with a bow that gives the elegance of Christmas.

Price €67.95

Christmas Lot with Sausages No. 4

We have an original gift for this Christmas, the Sausages batch 4 is made up of Iberian sausages and a variety of gourmet products. It is made up of a bottle of Monasterio de los Olivos Verdejos white wine, two bottles of DO Ribera del Duero red Protos Roble wine, a piece of Iberian Cebo Reserves Privates, Iberian acorn-fed Dehesa del Yeltes salchichón, three slices of Cebo Shoulder Iberico Guillen, a piece of Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo Dehesa del Yeltes, Extra Longaniza from Vic Avi Serra ...

Price €84.49

Gourmet Christmas Tray "Capricho 3"

Choose this cute and flirty Christmas Basket. In our Christmas Tray Capricho 3 you can find two bottles of wine with DO. Spectacular! It also includes a bottle of Cava Torello Gran Reserva, ideal for the Christmas holidays. As for gastronomy, you will find a Cured Cheese, 3 envelopes of Iberian shoulder slices, an artisan peasant sausage, chocolates, pipes, a block of duck foie. Delicious! This Christmas give your family, friends, employees or clients a Christmas Basket.

Price €129.95

Christmas basket "Capricho"

In Eurolotes we have a beautiful CB Christmas Basket for business gifts, friends or family. It has a variety of high quality products and a great assortment of gastronomic products, such as a bottle of Duck Mousse with Boletus Zubiaa, a Piece of Acorn-fed Iberian Chorizo Dehesa del Yeltes and a Piece of Acorn-fed Iberian Sausage Dehesa del Yeltes. In order to accompany these magnificent products we have a Bottle of Cava Codorniu Prima Vides Blanc de Blancs ...

Price €74.95

Cesta de Navidad "Capricho"

We have this fantastic C-1 Basket for you to choose the gift this Christmas. This basket includes a red wine DO Rioja Puerta Vieja Reserva from Bodegas Bilbainas, Red wine Federico Paternina, Ecological white wine Penedés Finca la Boltana Xarel.lo Cava Freixenet Excellence Brut Nature Scotch whiskey Antiquary 5 years, Chorizo and Iberian acorn-fed sausage Dehesa del Yelte , Cans of Pate and different sweets such as Antiu Xiona Black Label Nougat Delicas de Nougat, La Casa cocoa truffles, artisan Birba biscuits, La Estepeña cinnamon star

Price €99.00

Christmas basket "Gourmet 3"

We present to you the large Christmas basket C-3, it is a magnificent basket that is composed of very varied products of high quality. The basket contains two Bottle Cava Parxet Cuvee special 21 Brut, a Bottle Scotch Whiskey Blended Chivas Regal, a Bottle Wine DO Rioja red Gran Albina Reserva, a Bottle Wine Ribera del Duero Barburo, two bottles of white wine Bitacora Verdejo a Bar Turrón de Jijona Gourmet Seletión Coloma García rilsan, a Alicante Gourmet Selection Nougat Bar Coloma Garcia Rilsan ...

Price €195.95

Christmas Trunk with Gran Reserva Duroc Shoulder

If what you want is to make a Gourmet gift at Christmas this is the perfect gift. Our Christmas trunk contains products of a supreme quality, ideal for both lunch and dinner or as a gift, in the trunk you can find a Palte Gran Reserva, sliced Iberian and semi-cured Cheese, White and Red Wine, a Cava Bach Extrísimo Brut Nature and a Gin Q Gin. Like all our products it has a sweet side, such as high quality Nougat, La Estepeña Ginger and Lemon Pastas, Neulas Artesanas Antiu Xixona, El Mesiasa assorted snacks. If you choose this trunk you will not regret it.

Price €157.95

Christmas Trunk with Iberian Shoulder

If what you want is to surprise this Christmas we have the Christmas Trunk B! It is a perfect gift for this Christmas, whoever receives it will be delighted as it contains many varied products of the highest quality, it contains 2 DO wines, Rioja red Lambros Reserva, 2 bottles of Rovellats blanc Primavera white wine, it also contains 2 bottles of Cava Codorniu Prima Blanc de Blancs vines and 1 bottle of London Dry Bloom English Gin. A great selection of products such as an Iberian Cebo Casta Noble Shoulder ...

Price €299.95

Christmas Basket with Gran Reserva Duroc Shoulder

Wonderful C-1 Bis Basket this huge bow wicker basket is ideal for hitting the perfect Christmas detail. It consists of a Llorente Gran Reserva Duroc Shoulder, a bottle of Puerta Vieja Reserva red wine, a bottle of Federico Paternina red wine, a bottle of Finca La Boltana Xarel.lo white wine, or a bottle of Cava Freixenet Excelencia Brut Nature, a bortella of Antiquary Scotch Whiskey , Iberian acorn sausages, cans of pate, a large assortment of Christmas sweets such as high-quality nougat and Delights among many other products.

Price €145.00

Christmas Basket with Iberian Shoulder "Casta Noble"

This basket consists of an Iberian shoulder of Cebo Basta Noble and a bottle of Wine DO Rioja Gran Albina, a bottle of Ribera wine from the red duero Barbudo Oak, a bottle of Chivas Regal 12 year old Scotch Whiskey, two bottles of Cava Parxet Cuvee 21 Brut, a sausage from Payés Somel, a Iberian Cebo Iberjabug tenderloin, a bottle of Flor de Arana extra olive oil, a jar of Ortiz bonito, a pack of 3 selection jams for cheeses and La Fageda foie gras, a block of French foie gras. This basket includes a jijona nougat bar and another from Alicante Selection Gourmet ...

Price €299.95

Christmas Basket with Iberian Shoulder 5J

We present you this complete Christmas Basket C-5 Opt A that is full of top quality products. The basket includes a 5J Sanchez Romero Carvajal acorn-fed Iberian shoulder, a bottle of White Wine DO Rias Baixas Albariño Agnus Dei, two bottles of Red Wine DO Rioja Monte Real Gran Reserva, two bottles of Cava Juvé and Camps Cinta Ppurple Brut Reserva, a bottle of Jura Superstation Malt Scotch Whiskey, Duck Mousse with Boletus Zubí, Goose Mousse truffled with Zubía armagnac, Bonito del Norte in Ortiz olive oil ...

Price €485.00

Christmas Basket with Joselito Gran Reserva Shoulder

Are you looking for a spectacular gift for this Christmas? At Eurolotes we make it very easy for you with Basket C-6, this wonderful basket includes high quality products such as Iberian Acorn sausages, a jar of Goose Mousse truffled with Zubía armagnac, a Joselito Gran Reserva Shoulder,, Piquillo pepper paté Coquet, wines from the best designations of origin, a bottle of Cava MIM Natura Blanc de Noirs Gran Reserva, Corpinnat Gramona Gran Cuvée sparkling wine, a bottle of Opihr Oriental Spiced English Gin ...

Price €525.00

Christmas Basket with 10 Veins Jabugo Ham

We have this very complete C-10 Basket with products of excellent category. This wonderful basket includes all the products with Christmas style such as Iberian sausages, an Acorn-fed Iberico Ham 10 Vetas de Jabugo, a jar of Duck Mousse with Boletus Zubía, a jar of Goose Mousse truffled with Zubía armagnac, a pad of Canard Foie Gras Le Pont du Canard, jams to accompany La Fageda Cheeses and Foies, Ronkari DO Roncal sheep cheese, among others. To accompany this delicacy we have a selection of drinks ...

Price €835.00

Christmas Basket with 2 "Joselito and 5J" Pallets

We present the jewel in the crown of our baskets! Basket C-11 is a magnificent basket with a large number of exquisite products. This marvel contains two Front Hams, one Gran Reserva Joselito and another Iberico Bellota 5J Sánchez Romero Carvajal Incredible! Some high quality Iberian sausages, Le Pont du Canard Duck Confit, a can of Il Nonno Northern Tuna Belly, a bottle of Delicious & Sonsun Black Truffle Oil, French Foie Gras entier Le Pont du Canard, a jar of Hearts of Grilled artichoke seasoned in oil and Cynara spices ...

Price €1,425.00

Lot with Iberian Shoulder "Serranía Cumbres Jabugo"

If you love good quality Iberian producers, this is your batch, the JB Ham Holder contains two bottles of DO Rioja Red Wine Puerta Vieja Reserva, Iberian Cebo Shoulder Joyas de la Serranía Cumbres Jabugo, a piece of Dehesa del Yeltes Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón , a piece of Dehesa del Yeltes acorn-fed Iberian chorizo and a piece of Monte Nuevo semi-cured mixed cheese. A whole set of the best products to impress.

Price €113.86

Lot with Iberian Shoulder from Jabugo "Iberjabug"

We know that giving a ham is always a great success, that is why we present the Jamonero J-1 batch, an incredible batch with good quality products, it is composed of a bottle of DO Rioja red wine Monte Real Gran Reserva, a bottle of DO Ribera del Duero red wine Finca Resalso by Emilio Moro, a bottle of Cava Hill Cuvée Panot Gran Reserva Brut Nature, a Iberjabug acorn-fed Iberian Front Ham, Dehesa del Yeltes acorn-fed Iberian salchichón, a piece of Dehesa del Yeltes acorn-fed Iberian chorizo ...

Price €242.74

Picnic Basket Pack with Vermouth "La Madre"

Are you going on a picnic? Our basket will make it very easy for you… Open, serve and enjoy. The place and the company you choose! This basket has everything you need to spend a pleasant day with family or friends. It contains a bottle of La Madre vermouth, two cases of Iberian shoulder slices and Manuel Guillen's loin of bait, a wedge of pecorino cheese with Leyendas Baztan truffle, a strawberry jam, a pad of Le pont du Canard foie gras, a bag of dried fruit and all the necessary accessories for a good aperitif.

Price €105.95

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