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Boffard is a company dedicated to the manufacture of cheese since 1880. Its production continues to be mainly artisanal. It takes place in Corcos del Valle, province of Valladolid. Boffard is made from raw sheep's milk or cow's and sheep's milk, depending on its variety.

Boffard Reserva has recently been awarded the bronze medal for the best 100% sheep's milk cheese at the last World Cheese Awards 2019 (Bergamo, Italy). Boffard Reserva is made in Valladolid with 100% raw sheep's milk. It has a minimum maturity of eight months in cellars. During its ripening time it is turned, brushed and bathed in oil three times according to the traditional recipe of the Castilian shepherds.

A real pleasure for the palate is being able to savor your Boffard at room temperature along with a good wine and good company. A pairing that will surprise the most gourmets: Boffard Reserva with Cava.

Boffard is the oldest cheese brand in Spain, as well as being one of the most prestigious in our country. From its origins it has been linked to the highest quality standards. It stands out for its elaboration following traditional methods with pressing in cotton cloths, the best raw sheep's milk and long periods of maturation with oil in the cellar. It has 2 magnificent varieties of sheep: Boffard Reserva, with a minimum of 8 months of curing and Boffard Gran Reserva, a numbered edition that is manufactured from raw spring milk and matures 18 months. And it also has a variety of raw cow and sheep milk, with a minimum maturity of 4 months: Boffard Curado.

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