7 Pecados - DO Rioja Red Wine Case

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Elegant case of red wines DO Rioja 7 Pecados, of excellent quality and with different personalities.

Born from minority Rioja varietals, such as the Hairy Tempranillo and the Graciano from 55 hectares of vineyard, with an average of 58 years old, which together with the excellent location and selection of these indigenous and minority varieties guarantees the highest quality

This elegant and exclusive case is made up of the following wines:

  • Lust : 60% Hairy Tempranillo and 40% Graciano. Aged for 9 months.
  • Anger : 60% Hairy Tempranillo and 40% Graciano. Aged for 9 months.
  • Envy : 10% Hairy Tempranillo and 90% Graciano. Aged for 9 months.
  • Gluttony : 50% Hairy Tempranillo and 50% Graciano. Aged for 9 months.
  • Laziness : 80% Hairy Tempranillo and 20% Graciano. Aged for 9 months.
  • Greed : 100% Hairy Tempranillo. Aged for 9 months.
  • Superb : 10% Hairy Tempranillo and 90% Graciano. Aged for 9 months.

Tasting Note of Wine Case 7 Sins:

Lust : Velvety color, upper middle layer. On the nose aromas of roasted and persistent toasted aromas. Already in the mouth it is intense, full in the mouth, meaty and without edges. Good tannin, very pleasant in the mouth. Very long aftertaste with mineral notes.

Ira : Red in color with hints of cardinal, it presents aromas of ripe fruit and wild blackberries. Elegant and complete body, with fine tannins that leave a clean mouth.

Envy : It has a velvety color, a medium high bright layer, very clean. Smells like wet straw, hay (it was damp). It goes very well in the mouth, very subtle, elegant and fine. Without being too deep, it leaves a very clean finish with clean tannin. Perfect blend of Rioja between fruit and wood.

Gluttony : Intense cherry red color with cardinal trim. Very frank nose, with secondary aromas of fermentation and tertiary very well intertwined. With a lot of intensity of ripe fruit. It has toasted and smoky aromas, very fine and elegant. Very complex in the mouth and very long in the retronasal.

Sloth : Velvet color, very nice ruby red, with a high layer. On the nose it is very powerful and abrupt, it displays notes of fresh black fruit linked to balsamic minerals, linseed and toasted wood. Very powerful and complex entry in the mouth, with strong but sweet tannins, not aggressive. Slightly tannic aftertaste, very special.

Greed : Very intense ruby red color, with a lot of layer, preserving bluish tones of young wines. The nose is very intense, full-bodied. Ripe fruit and blueberry smell. Very powerful palate, with a very sweet, sweet entry. Very long in the mouth, a little tannic. It came to keep a long time in the bottle.

Superb : Of an intense ruby color, appearing light tile tones, its black fruit assembled with fine wood stands out. Very strong and balanced potential. Balsamic and tobacco aromas. Powerful entry, very complex. Well structured sweet tannins. It evokes licorice, tobacco and balsamic. Very long and powerful aftertaste.

Each bottle tells a story. Each sin is represented in a way that evokes different feelings in the viewer. Lust wrapped in a woman's stocking, an evocative touch when taking the bottle. Envy wishing for everything around it, that's why its mirror finish that reflects and traps its surroundings. Laziness as fresh from a bottle cemetery where she would have been sleeping indefinitely, full of dust and with the text tilted because she likes to lie down. In another bottle we find an attack by Ira in the form of a burned label. The Pride, always above the rest, standing out, in this case, with Swarovski crystals. The Gluttony did not hold even the fork that embraces her, leaving him completely useless after so much use and abuse and finally, to get him to last longer without anyone touching a lock guarding Greed.

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